We are constantly called from people around the world about our photography services.  They can always count on the highest standards of quality and uncompromising customer service that has no comparison.

Arthur & Pearl Clipper started Abbey Photographers in 1954.  A year BEFORE McDonald’s began selling hamburgers.  We have been satisfying the photography and video production needs of the most discriminating families for over 65 years. This family run operation prides itself in being able to consistently provide a mix of spontaneous candid’s and fine portraits that tell the story of your event. Our photographers have photographed over 3,000 social events.


Neal has been shooting weddings since he was 13 years old. He grew up with a camera. He shot film for years before there was such thing as a digital camera. He learned how to expose and print a photograph in the darkroom.  Photography is something he knows and loves.  Neal says “ The first time I assisted my dad at a wedding I remember setting off the alarm in the temple that the reception was in during the best man’s speech.  An event that my dad never let me live down”.  I am now asked to teach other aspiring photographers how to craft images that tell life stories. Over the last 65 years Abbey’s Photographers have documented over 3000 events.

My passion and mission in life is to continue to create the finest and most innovative images possible on each and every assignment. Neal has achieved the status of Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers Association of America while also being an active member of the American Society of Photographers. His images have been published and enjoyed by people of all ages, throughout the world. In addition, he has received numerous National and International awards for his creative style. Neal earned the Photographic Craftsman degree and previously awarded the most prestigious Master of Photography degree from the Professional Photographers of America, a degree that less than 1% of the photographers in the entire world possess.

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